David Ortiz, CISSP


David Ortiz leverages his eclectic work history within the U.S. Air Force, Department of Defense, and National Security Agency to design innovative engineering solutions for X8 clients as VP and Principal Engineer. His diverse education in laser physics, information technology, information assurance, and organizational leadership helps him to engineer and advocate for enterprise level system solutions to problems.

David started his military career as an active duty Air Force weapons officer. Early on in his career, he moved to scientific research and development, where he led research projects in optics and technical security. By the age of 26, he had designed his first invention for the U.S. government in lasers and optics. He also served as an executive officer for a large squadron, helping to lead more than 600 enlisted airmen, alongside the unit commander. In 2003, he moved to the U.S. Air Force Reserve and held positions in space analysis, cyber planning, cyber analysis, optical research, and cyber operations. He currently supports the Director of Air Force Cyber Forward, 24th Air Force, advising on cyber operations, policy, planning, and capabilities.

As a jack of all trades in his civilian life at NSA, David held the positions of division manager, rocket scientist, planner, and laser physicist, among other numerous titles. He holds two patents in laser physics - one in detection and the other in lens design for high speed data and transfers. He served on the DoD Joint Staff, where he advised the J6 on cyber and information assurance programs, and he helped stand up the DoD’s premier cyberspace operations center. David is also a published author and a film extra in the DC area. Portions of his profile are included in two seasons of “House of Cards.”

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